Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CBC on South Park - Part Two

It almost feels like Trey and Matt read my previous post, because they put up the screenshots from Cartoon Wars Part Two yesterday, and the second one was this nice, clean shot of the CBC president.

I still can't say for sure if they were going for a charicature or not, since the Canadian figures are all so basic (having been intentionally left out of all the visual enhancements of the last few seasons). In any case, I've posted the official photo of Robert Rabinovitch from the CBC image gallery, so you can make your own decision.

You've probably noticed the South Park character's mug says "C". Canadians in South Park are in the habit of wearing their initials on their shirts, but I'm not sure what the custom is for coffee mugs. It probably stands for "CBC", or just "Canada".

The South Park screenshot is reproduced without permission from the images available on South Park Studios, where it is marked: Copyright 1999-2006 Comedy Partners LLC


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