Friday, April 14, 2006

CBC on South Park – Literally

In a throwback to the second season premiere, South Park began Cartoon Wars Pt. II by joking that, instead of the second half of their redeemingly well-written attack on Family Guy and the news media, we would be treated to the made-for-TV movie Terrance & Phillip in Mystery at the Lazy J Ranch.

An even more unexpected thing happened soon after: the flatulent duo went to the CBC buildings to protest the censoring of a Mohammed character in their show, which eventually led to a transition into the real story--the one we were all waiting to hear.

But I thought it was amusing to see, for a moment on the screen, a boxy brown building labelled Canadian Broadcasting Company. Then there was the argument between Terrance and Phillip and the Network President. I can't tell for sure if they were going for a subtle parody of Robert Rabinovitch or not. Trey and Matt usually post official screenshots on South Park Studios a few days after each episode, so I'll be back with a link for all to see.


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